Vesper Technologies understands that traditional data storage systems no longer keep pace with the demands of modern applications. Businesses are looking for ways to overcome exponential data growth, ever-changing business requirements, and constant cost pressures. What is needed is a new approach to data centre infrastructure. That is why we’ve partnered with Hedvig to bring you a modern storage solution built for any enterprise compute environment running at any scale.

The Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform delivers the flexibility to quickly and easily tailor a storage solution for any workload. Whether you’re building a cloud or simply want a more flexible and efficient storage infrastructure for your existing applications, Hedvig can help. Hedvig bridges the old and new worlds of IT, cutting storage costs by 60% or more for traditional workloads while accelerating the journey to new, modern workloads. Designed with true distributed systems DNA, the Hedvig platform gets better and smarter as it scales, transforming commodity servers into an enterprise-class block, file, and object storage system.

Hedvig benefits:
Business responsiveness

  • Provision with the speed and simplicity of the cloud
  • Deliver massive capacity, scale, and performance with no change to application infrastructure
  • Enjoy seamless high availability with a storage cluster that spans multiple data centres or clouds

Reduced Risk

  • Lower risk of data-loss with distributed replication and zero-impact DR
  • Eliminate storage downtime and business interruption with cluster self-healing
  • Never be impacted by data migration demands again

Lower costs

  • Achieve performance, resilience, and reliability with commodity server hardware for predictable cost
  • Store efficiently and reduce capacity requirements by 75% or more
  • Lower TCO 60% or more