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The future of storage belongs to SDS.


Software Defined Storage (SDS) is replacing the closed, proprietary and monolithic hardware-centric systems which have characterised data storage over the last couple of decades.

The advances of hyperscale often associated with Facebook, Google, Amazon, Netflix and the like are now hitting the mainstream, as SDS allows any organisation to store and handle data in a radically more efficient, scalable and cost effective way.

Vespertec is at the forefront, enabling SDS adoption for companies of all kinds – and there are many good reasons to move to SDS with us.

We have extensive experience of SDS design and implementation and we’ve built close relationships with many tried and trusted storage vendors. At the same time we’ve developed robust proof of concept facilities to ensure that adopting SDS with us is a very low-risk process.

The case for SDS

  • Reduced cost

    Reduced cost

    No proprietary hardware premiums and vendor lock-in, predictable costs moving forward.

  • Customisation


    Underlying hardware can be tailored precisely to use case.

  • Easy scaling


    The platform is never “full” in the way that a scale up array can be, avoiding costly migration and forklift upgrades.

  • Consolidation


    Unify storage silos under a single management interface.

  • Minimise capex

    Minimise capex

    Buy what you need today and pay as you grow. Spread costs with subscription based licensing.

  • Cloud


    SDS is a ‘cloud-era’ technology offering far better integration with Cloud.

  • Agility

    Flexibility and agility

    Maximised interoperability and versatility of usage.

  • Data mobility

    Data mobility improved

    Making SDS a natural fit for hybrid or multi-cloud environments.

  • Operational efficiency

    Operational efficiency

    Management is centralised allowing you to provision, maintain and automate using standard APIs.

  • Efficiency and performance


    Compute resource increases with every node meaning performance improves with scale.

Storage diagram

Server based storage

A Software Defined Storage platform consists of a number of storage “nodes” which grouped together form a resilient cluster. Each node contains compute and storage and is built using a standard X86 server running a storage application suitable for the use case concerned.

As additional nodes are added the compute layer scales in line with storage capacity which means that the platform can grow without any deterioration in performance.

In fact, the bigger the cluster, the better the performance as the overall compute resource is larger, resulting in faster rebuild times and greater resilience.

Solutions for a wide variety of use cases

High availability

High availability & Business continuity

Big data analytics

Big data analytics


Remote / Branch office (ROBO)

High Performance Computing

High performance compute

Disaster recovery

Disaster recovery


Multi-tenant service provider


Hyper Converged




Multi-vendor unification

Hybrid cloud

Hybrid cloud, multi-cloud

On prem

On prem, single/ multi-site



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