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Data centre hardware reimagined for efficient and flexible use at scale.

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The Open Compute Project

The Open Compute project (OCP) was started by Facebook in 2011. Its goal was to “reimagine” data centre hardware and overcome the limitations Facebook were experiencing managing infrastructure at huge scale. That meant forgoing convention and working out how to design hardware that would operate in the most efficient way possible. The result was a new type of infrastructure (“OCP”) that radically reduced TCO and whose designs were made publicly available just like Open-Source Software.

It was hoped that OCP would replicate the kind of creativity and wide-ranging input stimulated by open-source software – and it’s done exactly that.

OCP is a true community effort with its own momentum, characterised by ongoing innovation through the sharing of ideas and expertise. Technologists & hardware vendors across the globe continue to drive OCP, and at Vespertec we’re enthusiastic participants.

As the UK’s leading OCP solution provider we have a wealth of experience and expertise. We provide an end-to-end service supporting customers from initial technical exploration to rack scale solution design, build, test, physical roll out and post sales support.

We are passionate about the efficiencies of OCP and are always happy to chat. Please get in touch if you’d like to learn more, we’d love to hear about your next project!

Discover the difference at our OCP Experience Centre

OCP servers use the same processors, the same memory, the same SSD’s and network cards as traditional servers. There are, however, fundamental differences in the way that they are powered, shaped, cooled and maintained, all of which contribute to reduced TCO.

Vespertec’s OCP Experience Centre hosts both V1 and V2 OCP rack and power along with a variety of servers, switches and storage carriers allowing us to demonstrate the design differentiators and evolution of OCP technology as well as supporting proof of concept activity.

Benefits of OCP

  • Efficiency and performance


    Centralised DC Power, reduced TCO.

  • Reduced cost


    Reduced infrastructure cost (ODM vs OEM).

  • Density


    High kilowatt racks = more nodes per rack.

  • Scalability


    Tool-less integration, front IO, simplified maintenance.

  • Sustainability


    Reduced energy consumption and materials.

Don't just take our word for it

Vespertec provide Civo with exceptional levels of service. Their team are extremely knowledgeable, and they always go above and beyond. In close co-operation with Vespertec we decided to base our hardware design on OCP and this choice has proven to be perfect for our global platform rollout. OCP enabled us to have extremely high-density, performant compute at a really good price point. Even more important to us was the ability to standardise our design so it could easily be replicated, allowing us to distribute our platform worldwide with speed and simplicity in mind. In close collaboration with Vespertec we were able to deliver on all of our objectives and now have an amazing design template, which is fundamental to our future growth.
Mark Boost
As a very active member of the OCP Community and a certified OCP Solution Provider, Vesper Technologies continues to showcase their commitment to open technologies through contributions of rack level enterprise solutions and a portfolio of high quality OCP support and services. The team at Vespertec have been early pioneers of driving open hardware across the region and it's great to have a member with such strong technical acumen and customer focus who understands the importance of being part of a Community in delivering value to enterprises.
Steve Helvie
VP of Channel, OCP
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