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We put tech under the microscope to ensure your successful implementation

Vespertec works with some of the newest technologies – the kind with the potential to change the administration of IT and its cost for the better. But for many, the words ‘change’ and ‘new’ translate as ‘risk’.

We understand the concern. That’s why Vespertec has invested in a comprehensive portfolio of hardware which allows us to thoroughly check compatibility and prove that a concept is going to work in practice with benchmarked performance.

Proof of concept work is always best performed collaboratively. We partner with you, and there’s a range of ways you can interface with us – you can login remotely, take a demo, borrow equipment or your engineers can spend time on site with us for hands-on experience of the solution.

  • Remote access
  • View a demo
  • Loan of equipment
  • Hands on experience


Some typical examples

  • SDN Bare metal switching with either Broadcom or spectrum ASIC to evaluate NoS
  • SDS Multi node server clusters for testing a range of storage vendors
  • OCP Full cab populated with compute, storage and network
  • Server Evaluate technology from new vendors
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