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We’ll get you ahead of the curve and keep you there.

Proprietary solutions that characterised traditional data centres are being overtaken. New software-defined technologies are fast becoming the norm, fundamentally transforming the operational models and capital expenditure of compute, storage and networking.

This next generation data centre is now a commercial reality, and Vespertec is here to help you harness its transformational potential in data centre efficiency, flexibility and business agility.

Partnering with us will keep your solutions fresh and receptive to change as new technology constantly shifts the landscape.


Turnkey, flexible server solutions that give you optimised performance and cost savings from day one.

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Experience and expertise to make SDS the best move your business can make.

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Software Defined Networks that are truly open for business success.

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Data centre hardware re-imagined for efficient and flexible use at scale.

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Edgeware transceivers and customised fibre optic patching solutions.

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