X86 Commodity Hardware

Vesper Technologies are strong believers in the commercial benefits of building infrastructure using open hardware platforms. This principle sits at the very core of our business model and all of our technology solutions can be architected in this way.

The use of open hardware was pioneered by the hyper-scale providers such as Facebook, Google and Amazon who recognised that the X86 platform was highly commoditised. By engaging directly with the ODM’s who supply the tier 1 OEM vendors, they removed an expensive link in their supply chain and ultimately drove down their infrastructure costs.

This well publicised trend was instigated by Facebook’s Open Compute project. “Bringing a community of technology leaders together in order to break the black box of proprietary IT infrastructure to achieve greater choice, customisation, and cost savings.”

Vesper Technologies provide both OCP (Open Compute) “accepted” and OCP “inspired” infrastructure and have strong relationships with the major manufacturers. We also use the term ‘open’ more generally to describe a hardware platform that does not tie the customer in to buying support and hardware upgrades from a single proprietary vendor.

A great example of this is Intel. Many of our solutions are engineered on an Intel platform and we are free to choose whichever vendor we wish for componentry. This gives us the ability to engineer the highest performing solutions at the most cost effective price points.

We can supply open solutions ranging in scale from a single server on commodity hardware all the way up to a suite of fully populated OCP certified racks.

Specific open solutions we offer based on our X86 Commodity Hardware are:

Cloud Solutions
Software Defined Storage
Software Defined Networking
Customised Compute