Cloud Solutions

Cloud adoption continues to grow with more and more enterprises turning to private and hybrid environments to facilitate their IT requirements. Vesper Technologies are trusted suppliers of both customised cloud infrastructure and turn-key cloud solutions for proprietary and open platforms. We guide and support our customers, helping them benefit from the many efficiencies and commercial benefits that shifting workload to the cloud can bring.


The OpenStack cloud platform is based on open source software and allows for large pools of compute, storage, and networking resources to be controlled either through a data centre, managed through a dashboard or via the OpenStack API. OpenStack works with popular enterprise and open source technologies making it ideal for infrastructure built from a number of different vendors, providing freedom from the lock-in associated with traditional proprietary relationships.

Hundreds of the world’s largest brands rely on OpenStack to run their businesses every day, reducing costs and helping them move faster. OpenStack has a strong ecosystem, and users seeking commercial support can choose from different OpenStack-powered products and services in the marketplace.

OpenStack is a very natural area of the market for Vesper Technologies to operate in because of its affinity to commodity hardware. Why invest in developing an Open Ecosystem but then tie yourself down with locked in hardware to run it from? Why not build on a fully open platform to give you end-to-end freedom and take advantage of the commercial benefits of open source technologies.


VT Open Stack diagram 1

How can Vesper Technologies help?

Bespoke architecture

OpenStack can be deployed in a variety of different ways. There are six primary applications but beyond this there are also many optional applications to choose from when building your Cloud.
As a result, the hardware required to deploy an OpenStack system benefits from optimisation enormously.



Vesper Technologies can assist in the design and deployment of the physical stack recommending performance enhancing network solutions such as Mellanox or fully interoperable storage platforms such as Ceph, Hedvig or Cloudian. We also offer extensive support through our cooperation with companies such as Red Hat, Canonical or Mirantis.

Proprietary Cloud solutions

Vesper Technologies also supply turn-key proprietary cloud solutions combining the commercial benefit of a commodity hardware platform with the convenience of an immediately deployable pre-configured stack.

Microsoft Cloud Turn-key
A converged private and hybrid cloud solution validated by Microsoft Private Cloud Fast Track Program that is pre-validated, performance benchmarked, and comes pre-installed with Microsoft software and encompassed storage, computing, and networking resources.

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VM Ware EVO SDDC Turn-key
QCT QxStack powered by VMware® EVO™ SDDC is a fully interoperable solution that provides customers with the easiest way to build and run an SDDC private cloud. The solution is delivered with pre-qualified hardware provided by QCT and VMware’s EVO SDDC software. This EVO SDDC-based integrated system is ideal for enterprises and service providers focused on greater simplicity, faster time-to-value, enhanced security and lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

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