Customised Compute

Vesper Technologies specialise in architecting low cost performance optimised server solutions using high efficiency open hardware platforms. We consult and assemble on all scales from a basic standalone server to high density scale out converged systems designed for virtualization, VDI or HPC. Our purpose built, ESD safe Configuration Centre is set up to deploy systems quickly and efficiently, saving you engineering time and expense.

A practical example – converged infrastructure

Converged infrastructure operates by grouping multiple IT components into a single, optimised computing package. The aim is to minimise compatibility issues between servers, storage systems and network devices while also delivering increased efficiencies through centralised management and a reduced DC footprint.

Vesper Technologies tailor commodity hardware to meet customer specific workloads. We deliver the convenience and efficiency of converged infrastructure at a commodity hardware price point. For example, we offer high density converged compute virtualization & storage building blocks built on open hardware using VSphere & VSAN to deliver 4 separate nodes in a 2U form factor. We architect using VMware certified componentry and tailor network connectivity to seamlessly integrate with your existing estate.


What Virtual SAN delivers

Radically simple storage
Make your job easier by simplifying storage provisioning and management for vSphere. Deploy storage with just a few mouse clicks from the vSphere Web Client and enjoy native integration with the VMware stack. Virtual machine-centric storage policies automate storage services levels on a per-VM basis.

Advanced availability and management
Customers of all industries and sizes trust Virtual SAN to run their business-critical workloads, from key business applications to thousands of virtual desktops. Virtual SAN ensures that data is never lost if a disk, host, network or rack fails and can even tolerate entire site failures with synchronous replication and stretched clusters.

50% Lower TCO
Deploy on inexpensive industry-standard server components to remove large, upfront investments. Eliminate siloed, purpose-built hardware and automate management of storage service levels through VM-centric policies. Further improve TCO with storage efficiency features like deduplication and enhanced automation capabilities.

Exceptional performance
Built on an optimised I/O data path in the hypervisor and designed for flash speeds, Virtual SAN delivers much better performance than a virtual appliance or external device. Experience up to 100,000 IOPs per host with all-flash and scale up to 64 hosts per cluster—a perfect match for virtual desktops, remote IT and business critical applications.

Enterprise-ready storage
Trust your mission-critical applications with the only hypervisorembedded storage solution. Virtual SAN delivers all-flash performance with up to 100,000 IOPs per host, support for vSphere availability technologies like High Availability (HA), asynchronous replication, stretched cluster capabilities, and storage efficiency features for all-flash including deduplication, compression and erasure coding.

Linearly scalable storage
Virtual SAN delivers predictable, elastic and non-disruptive scaling of storage and compute resources, eliminating costly forklift upgrades. Every Virtual SAN cluster can scale out one node at a time or scale up by adding capacity to existing hosts and is capable of achieving over 8 PB of raw storage capacity.




Configuration Centre and Technical Support

Regardless of scale, all systems passing through the Configuration Centre undergo the same comprehensive process of checking, testing and inspections. By integrating and bench testing at this stage, we minimise the chances of inconvenient ‘dead on arrival’ componentry that can hold up projects, costing you time and money.

We don’t consider our job over at the point of dispatch – far from it. We’ve been in the business long enough to know that, as with any electrical product, there is always going to be the occasional manufacturer fault or defect.

Our technicians will be happy to assist with diagnosing problems; we can organise replacement parts, ship advance replacements or if necessary, we can even send out an engineer in order to speed the process through.