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Vespertec launches 511-HFT SuperServer for ultra-high warrantied performance in financial trading applications.

Created in partnership with Supermicro the Vespertec 511-HFT SuperServer gets the critical balance right in the delivery of a stable platform for a dynamic market.

Previewed at STAC Summit London on 9 November, and now available to order, the Vespertec 511-HFT SuperServer delivers both high-end server performance and reliability for financial trading applications.

The Vesperte511-HFT SuperServer:

OCP-TAP TimeCard

The answer to over-clocking concerns

As a specialist in delivering accelerated performance for the data centre (including for a large number of financial sector and fintech organisations), Vespertec has long been aware of client concerns surrounding overclocking in the HFT market. This has led Vespertec to work closely with one of its primary vendors, Supermicro, to develop a sustainable solution to HFT traders’ need for extreme performance.

The result of Vespertec’s rigorous assessment of the performance and reliability needs of the HFT market is the unique Vespertec 511-HFT SuperServer, designed using the 1U Supermicro 511E-WR Single Socket Intel® Xeon® scalable Gen 4 system.

It’s a solution that redefines high availability in extreme performance HFT computing environments by perfectly balancing performance and reliability.

10 key benefits of the 511-HFT SuperServer

  1. Designed specifically for HFT workloads with BIOS optimised accordingly
  2. Near-overclocked low latency performance with true high reliability
  3. Reduced power consumption versus overclocked alternatives
  4. Air cooled for standard deployment
  5. Compact form factor requiring minimal rack space
  6. 3–5 year Supermicro warranty options
  7. Cost-effective solution ideally suited to the financial sector
  8. Global supply, logistics and support from Vespertec
  9. Flexible hardware break-fix solutions and SLAs available in all major financial centres
  10. Hardware compatible with next generation Intel processor architecture.

Product White Paper

For the full story, download our 511-HFT SuperServer product white paper and performance analysis.

To discuss your specific financial trading infrastructure needs, call us on +44 (0) 161 947 4321 or email to set up a meeting.

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