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We bring web-scale efficiency to the data centre.

What we do

The Vesper offer is simple: we give you more efficient, natively scalable server, network and storage solutions for less.

With us you get leading expertise in applying open technology principles. You’re free from lock-ins to specific vendors. Your solution fits your business perfectly whatever its size and continues to do so as you evolve.

The result is optimised performance, total scalability, lower cost and competitive advantage.

Areas of expertise

  • Cloud Infrastructure

    Cloud Infrastructure

  • Software Defined Storage (SDS)

    Software Defined Storage (SDS)

  • Open Compute Project (OCP)

    Open Compute Project (OCP)

  • Software Defined Networks (SDN)

    Software Defined Networks (SDN)

  • High Performance Computing

    High Performance Computing (HPC)

  • Big Data Analytics

    Big Data Analytics

  • Machine Learning & AI

    Machine Learning & AI

  • Disaster Recovery (DR)

    Disaster Recovery (DR)

  • High Availability & Business Continuity

    High Availability & Business Continuity

Already working with us

Logos of Vesper customers
The level of sales support afforded to Bytemark has been second to no other partner reseller encountered to date. On more than one occasion, Bytemark would have been in severe trouble if it weren’t for the strong relationships that Vesper maintains with its partners.
Tom Hill
Network Manager, Bytemark
As our primary hardware and solutions supplier, the team at Vesper are a trusted source of expertise who have taken the time to understand the needs of our business to deliver both solutions and recommendations backed by reliable hardware that has allowed us to scale as a business to meet the demands of a rapidly expanding technical platform.
Alex Easter
CTO, Krystal Hosting
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