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Deep Green uses Vespertec’s Hardware Expertise to Scale its Sustainable Data Centre Technology

Stockport, UK, May 30th, 2024: Today, Vesper Technologies (Vespertec), the leading high-performance data centre infrastructure specialist, announced its partnership with Deep Green, the only data centre company that repurposes the heat generated by organisations’ compute for social good, to source and supply hardware to scale its immersion cooling technology. The collaboration will accelerate Deep Green’s ability to deploy decarbonised immersion-cooled data centres across the UK.

Data centres are significant consumers of electricity and producers of heat. With the rise of AI and the demand for higher-powered systems, data centres and data transmission networks each now account for between 1 and 1.5% of global electricity use [1]. To counter the growing carbon footprint of the industry, data centre providers are looking for new ways to meet sustainability goals.

Deep Green has pioneered an immersion cooling technology system, demonstrated by a successful proof of concept in Devon, where waste heat from a small data centre heated a local swimming pool. Subsequently, Deep Green raised a significant funding round and was seeking a partner to help it scale its technology.

Deep Green’s challenge was in sourcing hardware capable of operating in immersion cooling systems. It needed a fully traceable supply chain that ensured every component was suitable for immersion, and that it was using high-density compute to ensure a high heat output in the smallest footprint.

Matt Craggs, CTO at Deep Green, commented, “Scaling our business was a key challenge, and for maximum efficiency, we needed to use immersion heating. But you can’t take off-the-shelf components and use them in an immersion system, hardware either needs to be certified for immersion or we need complete supply chain traceability, from the capacitors on the motherboards to the temperature ratings of coin batteries. We need to know that hardware will be reliable.”

Deep Green selected Vespertec to address its scaling needs due to Vespertec’s reputation for technical expertise and its close working relationships with manufacturers. Vespertec was able to facilitate access to specific, immersion-suitable hardware – this extended from the high density 2U Gigabyte 8 GPU server to supporting network and storage components.

“What struck me was the level of technical knowledge of the Vespertec team was a step beyond any other suppliers we had worked with,” continued Craggs. “They have exceptional relationships with the manufacturers. There was no middleman, Vespertec was speaking directly to Taiwan.”

Ben Langstreth, Open Technology and Infrastructure Specialist at Vesper Technologies, commented: “The data centre industry is in a precarious position that has the potential to limit its growth. By repurposing the power it uses in novel ways that benefit the surrounding communities, Deep Green has shown the way towards a more sustainable future. We have no doubt this project will continue to scale and set the tone for the UK’s data centre industry and Vespertec is delighted to support its growth.”





For press and media enquiries, please contact:

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Managing Director
Vesper Technologies Ltd
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About Vespertec:
Vespertec is a specialist in the design, configuration, delivery and support of open, high performance data centre infrastructure. Using new and innovative technologies in compute, networking and storage, we provide data centre solutions that accelerate performance, maximise interoperability, simplify management, scale smoothly, and reduce total cost of ownership. Applying deep knowledge of data centres, open standards and disruptive technology, Vespertec offers its clients impartial, honest and tailored advice to help them consolidate hardware and optimise performance. Vespertec is also a specialist in data centre logistics with extensive experience of project managing the delivery of data centre infrastructure around the world, including to countries with complex logistical and taxation regulations. For more information visit



About Deep Green: 

Deep Green was founded in 2016 by Mark Bjornsgaard, an entrepreneur with an interest in technology and energy. Deep Green’s pioneering ‘immersion cooling’ technology efficiently re-uses heat from its on-site “edge” data centres to provide free heat for a range of organisations, including public swimming pools and district heat networks. Decarbonising commercial and domestic heating is one of the most urgent climate imperatives and Deep Green is excited to be at the heart of this important transition. Find out more at:  or

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